the previous nine posts were in celebration of me making jay watch pacific rim tonight

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rick grimes & daryl dixon
↳ pacific rim au

yellowgrenade look!! it’s perfect!! i’ve still been rolling around the ideas for the AU but I was filling a prompt and then of course NGUNS takes priority right now and of course there’s real life, but it’s still viable. AND THEN THIS!!! gaaaaaa!

holy shit. this is amazing! you must look at this whenever you need more motivation lol! I just rewatched the movie on sat. and kept imagining how rickyl would fit in. oh the sparring. oh the ghost drifting. You can do dis. I belieb in joooo



*thinks about a pair of of characters* hmm *thinks about them as jaeger pilots, stumbles back* my god… christ….jesus christ


Rick and Daryl are already copilots tbh
okay but ride with me here on this okay
daryl comes in with merle, because merle’s military and damn good at it, so he’s recruited early on in the kaiju invasion, ask if there’s anyone he might be drift compatible with. he goes “shit, my baby brother, probably”, and it’s not the strongest drift, but it’s strong enough for them to put them in a jaeger. merle’s the dominant pilot, on the right side of the jaeger; daryl follows his lead and together they’re reckless and destructive and do their jobs with a lot of damage.
their drift is rough but it’s cohesive. because all their memories are tied into the worst ones they both have. every time they come out of it, daryl pukes, and merle makes fun of him.
then on one of the first category threes, merle loses his right hand.
he can’t be the dominant pilot anymore, but when daryl tries to take the lead, their drift falls apart. tech errors and nosebleeds and seizures, and two times when other pilots have to save their asses later, they pull them apart and take their jaeger away.
and they know no one else is going to be drift compatible with merle, but pentecost sees a glimmer of potential in daryl, so before he ships him off he tries something. rick grimes’ partner had been shane walsh, and he didn’t make it out of a kaiju encounter a year before. no one’s sharp on the details of what happened except rick, but rick was one of the best jaeger pilots they had for a while and pentecost doesn’t wanna let him go.
who the fuck would think daryl dixon and rick grimes would be drift compatible, right?
except stacker pentecost.
and no one expects it, but they move easy and whole and kick fucking ass.
daryl never ghost-drifted with merle. their drift wasn’t strong enough. but with rick, they’re connected for almost a day afterwards, their hands slipping to touch, their heads turning as one, rick always speaking up and daryl always by his side.
oh no what have i done
do i have to write a pacific rim walking dead au now


literally everything can be improved with a pacific rim au


[punches a hole in your house with a jaeger at 3 am] GET IN LOSER WE’RE KILLING KAIJU

Pacific Rim - Hong Kong Harbor Battle

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