cooking post: ozzie rolls and whipped honey butter


I am frankly ASTONISHED that these were as successful as they were. The recipe I followed calls explicitly for a bread mixer and all sorts of assorted attachments, none of which I have nor have the money for. I took a shot in the dark and did the whole thing by hand instead. I don’t think I’ve found the perfect balance of time-and-temp for cooking them yet- some of them are a bit too dark/crisp on the outside but perfect on the inside, and some of them are a lovely color and lightness on the outside and a bit not-quite-fluffed-enough on the inside. Most of my other bread recipes have been things like pumpkin bread and corn bread, so I’m not sure yet of the best way to correct this. It’s probably trial and error and maybe something in my inexperienced kneading. But I’m INCREDIBLY satisfied! I ate about ten from the time the first ones popped out of the pan. Not healthy, not quite as light, fluffy, or sweet as Sweetwater Tavern’s (which the recipe is imitating), but they’re truly a wonderfully close attempt and I think with a few more goes I can get there! recipe: almost Ozzie rolls


there is no way to take a good picture of butter by the way

but I didn’t want to use plain margarine with the rolls, since Sweetwater Tavern serves them with amazing whipped poppyseed butter, so I gave it a go myself. A bit too sweet for me, and I threw in poppyseeds which aren’t in the original recipe but which I adore. Next time I’ll cut the amount of honey probably in half. I also didn’t want to use the mixer, since I ended up finishing the rolls very late at night, so I did it by hand and it might not be as fluffy as it could be as a result. Still tastes great if you want an extra-sweet spread on a nice dinner roll. recipe: whipped honey butter

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