hey, kids, I know we’re all a-titter in anticipation of Hannibals second-season premiere this Friday, but I wanted to take this chance to remind everyone that before Hannibal, at 9 PM, the most excellent Grimm will be returning from its Olympic hiatus! These are two very different but great shows back-to-back, and I’m hoping it’ll be a chance for the Grimm fandom online to buoy a little bit, since it has a much smaller online presence than Hannibal does; and for Grimm to introduce some new, non-internetty people to Hannibal’s fantasticalness. Here’s some awesome things about Grimm to make you want to care:

  • it’s about a cop named Nick who hunts monsters. right?!
  • BUT he realizes that the monsters (called wesen) are oftentimes grossly misrepresented through history, and finds great friends and terrible enemies in them both.
  • also he’s hella good looking
  • the recurring women on this show are fantastic. they’re layered and knowledgable about their separate things and strong in a way that defies the Strong Female Character tropes. they’re strong emotionally, politically, physically, all or none of those, many more. the show regularly passes the Bechdel test in multiple episodes.
  • they’re also hella good looking
  • all of what would normally be the sidekicks or B-plotline characters on this show are given so much attention and development that you really get to know their motivations and understand them as individuals in addition to the main character. No one here is passive or convenient.
  • the special effects are cheesy and creepy and fun and gross like everyone loves
  • the show films in Portland at real locations a lot of the time, and participates in local Portland events; tries actively to reduce its ecological footprint, and brings loads of money into the local economy through its filming.
  • because the main character is in a committed relationship, episodical female characters are almost never introduced as sex objects and are instead written as people
  • the character developments are written really well and subtly so they build like a slow burn instead of whopping you over the head
  • it is REALLY well acted, ESPECIALLY by David Giuntoli, who plays Nick
  • it’s on it’s third season, and watching the first two seasons will give you a lot of great build up of the world and the political aspect of it, but if you want to start with the third season you can and I’ll be happy to summarize any plot gaps for you!
  • it’s not on Netflix instant, unfortunately, but you can watch season 3 episodes 7 through 11 on NBC.com to get up to date there, and check your local on-demand for more!

So, REMEMBER:: this Friday, February 28 at 9:00 PM on NBC, watch GRIMM season 3 episode 12 for a good sexy time to be had by everyone, and afterwards watch Hannibal’s anticipated second-season premiere!!

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